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Saatchi.Sebastian Burckhardt


 Sebastian Burckhardt was born 1950. He grew up in the German part as well in the French part of Switzerland.  He lived from 1971 - 1980 in Munich, Germany and studied in "the Akamie der bildenden Kuenste" for an MA in fine Arts.

He lived in Venezuela until 1986/87 and returned to Switzerland. From 1987 he lived in Zurich until October 1994. He painted and showed his work in Venezuela and Europe. 1994/95 he lived with his wife Gillat in Israel. 1995 they returned to Switzerland and lived untill 2015 in the region of Zurich showing his paintings in Israel, USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy.

2016 they  moved to Germany`s black forest after having exhibited in the Municipal Gallery of Jerusalem. 2019 we moves to the Netherlands , to Paasloo in the North East, not Farbe from the IJsselmeer.

He is represented in many collections in Germany, Venezuela, Israel, Switzerland and the USA